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Thank you for your interest in ConnecTRIN and for being an active part of our alumni community! that 鶹Ƶ has been exploring for the past few years.


Please be aware that ConnecTRIN will be discontinued as of May 30, 2024. Upon deactivation of the site, all user data will be securely removed from the portal. But you can still stay connected!

Stay in touch by updating us on your milestones and keeping your contact information up-to-date – we love to hear from Trinity alumni and share news with classmates. Our e-newsletter is the best way to keep informed of the latest happenings and events – make sure you’re subscribed!

Join and connect directly with fellow Trinity alumni on ,,, , and to keep the conversation going!

Questions? Contact alumni@trinity.utoronto.ca

Privacy: We do not share your contact details or personal information. All data provided through ConnecTRIN will be deleted by the provider.




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